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Stimulate your business with creative team building events

Costello Events brings years of expertise in organising creative events, team building activities and corporate events  & entertainment. We have a carefully thought out portfolio of team building games, icebreakers and leadership development programmes, outdoor & indoor events specially designed to inspire and motivate your team.
These include Around the World in 80 ChallengesMasterpiece, Huntathlon City Quest, The Apprentice... to name a few. 

Our professional, well organised and friendly staff, ensures that our clients come back time and time again. Our aim is to add value to every client's organisational, team and individual needs and we do this by providing an exciting, diverse and relevant mix of high quality, evening, and outdoor or indoor team building programmes that will excite and challenge any business or employee.

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"I would like to thank the team at Costello Events for our teambuilding event. From the time we made contact with you and explained our requirements, you were able to construct the activity that was completely tailored to our needs and exceeded expectations at many levels. Our delegates thoroughly enjoyed the time with your team who responded brilliantly to them"
JP Morgan 

"You were really brilliant and so much more popular than we ever imagined"

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BLOG - Costello Events - Creative Events

London team building events - 07/02/14

Costello events London have been organising corporate team building events for over 15 years for fun team building away days in and around London. Although predominantly we are team building in London we also provide team building in Essex, team building in Kent, team building in Hertfordshire, all around the country!

Team building events London suggest:
If you are thinking of organising something exciting for your team why not consider a challenging team building like 'around the World in 80 challenges' ; such an adventure. With no rules and time against you, this enjoyable shared experience of team building requires teams to race 80 completely ludicrous challenging team building activities, collecting 'air miles' for their success! The aim of the London team building games is to time management, strategy and problem solving.
Otherwise you can always consider a creative team building activity.

Team building objectives:
* aim of the game for this team building is to demonstrate issues related to team dynamics, problem solving, time management, organisation and leadership under time constraints.
* to demonstrate that teamwork gets better results than working alone.
* to practice priority throughout the team building and see time management skills.
* to demonstrate creative solutions

Team building Results:
With more challenges than can be done within the time, will the team use their time and resources to the best of their advantage - of course they will... won't they?!

Motivational team building events in London - 19/12/13

If you are looking for a motivational corporate event in London or around with high energy, collaboration and full involvement of the whole team then upbeat team building event in London for you. The team will be energised in working together as one but drumming away some solo acts to make this fully vibrant team building even work effectively.

The musical team building event objectives:

* To warm up a team and breakdown inhibitions to reinforce team building events
* To provide a light-hearted opportunity for individuals to vent
* To demonstrate the importance of focusing on other people individually and in groups
* To energise team meetings, up-lift and motivate team

Musical team building events results:

The upbeat musical team building event in London challenge is a thrilling activity that breathes life into any business, motivating and transforming groups od people into an exciting Samba Band. This team building event with a musical twist has a finale that will raise the roof and will leave clients or your departments talking about it for weeks.

Costello team building events London:

Costello events team building events in London have a team of positive personalities promising to brig light-hearted fun and entertainment to your corporate away day in London or beyond. We will ensure your team building is interactive, collaborative, motivational and most importantly a whole lot of fun getting out of the office.

Creative team building events at Costello - 16/12/13

We specialise in team building events in London for those corporate away days for groups looking for something a little bit different, a little bit collaborative, communicative and a lot creative!

We have many options here at Costello team building events London but if you are looking to become the next Damien Hirst and paint your very own masterpiece with our art team of fun personalities then we have just the event for you! It can be either outdoor or indoor team building events but we all know the UK is definitely weather dependent...

Masterpiece: An interactive, challenging and very rewarding creative team building event which works well with those departments looking to get out of the office and think outside of the box. Whether you are in IT, Sales or even the marketing side of things in your company; Costello Events are able to tailor bespoke and fun team building events to your business needs. In this creative challenge you will be able to integrate different team members, creatively integrate your company logo or even fully portray the message of your team away day to ensure all participants leave with a well rounded take on the day. There will be a big reveal at the end of your creative masterpiece session where all participants will be able to see the bigger picture; very insightful and the precision necessary brings the challenge!

Costello Events - creative team building in London has a creative team  that can even offer facilitation to you and your group on your corporate away day to ensure everyone leaves knowing exactly what each individual can bring back to the office and overall, help move your business forward on a long-term basis as a team.

Understanding all budgets, all group sizes and sometimes the need to make corporate team building events in London a little bit special we can ensure bespoke event tailoring to all. Any questions  or quotes for this fun (and let's face it) show-stopping creative masterpiece event then please do not hesitate to contact the London team building Costello team.  

Cooking for your corporate team building event - 06/12/13

At Costello creative team building events we pride ourselves on quality, price, communication and fun! Team building is the most effective way to bring your team together as one, boost motivation and moral and move forward as a company with good old team spirit. We even provide strong facilitation on events for you to find out who is best at what in your department; it can be a real eye-opener into the personalities of your team members.

During our busiest time of the year for festive team building and corporate events in London our cookery challenges seem to be a no-brainer and always very popular as a creative cooking challenge in London for small or larger teams. we can come to you or you can come to us for this indoor team building event! We don't mind as long as you are in the Mary Berry mindset with your Masterchef thinking cap on!
We want you to be creative, inspired and let your hair down with your department. We have over 15 years of creative team building experience for creative challenges for those companies large or small; we are able to be flexible with your budget any tailor any corporate event to your yearly budget needs-all you need to do is ask our teambuilding event co-ordinators.

We organise a range of cookery classes in London, cookery challenges and demonstrations. You can be getting your British bake off on, getting ready steady cook inspired or feeling the pressure on your Masterchef cooking challenge. Our office is based in central London but we are more than happy to come to you at any time. Or if you fancy a trip with your group to the capital then just let us know and we will sort out the venue finding. No problem!
We want your corporate away day to be stress free as possible so you just let us know when and where and our 'team building events London' or 'corporate events London' experts will be on hand to help.

Challenge your Workforce and Reap the Rewards

Motivating a workforce to the extent that they come into the office every day happy to be there and keen to make a significant impact towards the success of one’s business is something that all employers should be determined to achieve, and given our years of experience in organising corporate entertainment events and leadership development programs we are confident that we have what it takes to push your employees in the right direction. We are always delighted when our clients return to undertake additional courses, and this is what inspires us to add value to their organisational needs. Regardless of what creative event you opt for, from the cooking challenge to one of our creative activities, our team building exercises are sure to challenge and excite participants. The testimonials on the website should hopefully encourage corporations to make a booking with us, and whether you want something for the evening such as an icebreaking event to break up a conference with, or have it in mind for your staff to spend their day away from the office getting their hands ditty, we have corporate teambuilding events in London that are guaranteed to meet your requirements and budget whilst exceeding your expectations.

Inspire your Employees to Improve their Performance

Two of the most important things for a company to have within an organisation are excellent communication and teamwork, and our tailor made events that have been created for some of the country’s leading companies concentrate on enhancing these areas. There is no doubt that our team building events in London are of a high quality as we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has come from running corporate events in London over a number of years. We also create new activities on a consistent basis that improve upon past events to ensure customers that return have fresh ideas to choose from. Team expression and collaboration are highlighted in the creative workshops we offer and also helps groups to lean a new skill and practice being creative. Boosting motivation and improving self esteem is what can be expected from such creative events and we are confident that whatever event you opt for, employees of your company will walk away better people and be able to give that little bit more to the success of your business. So if you represent a UK firm and book corporate teambuilding events and are looking for company events focused on leadership and teambuilding in London you have come to the right place.

Teambuilding Events London

By perusing our website you are certain to find something to match your needs, and if you want something that focuses on time management, planning, problem solving and team dynamics, our city quest is a great outdoors event that can be tailored to suit any budget. As a leading teambuilding company London we are aware that good leadership skills is what’s required of certain employees, and some of the creative events we have will help employers to ascertain which of their employees has the potential to be a future leader or manager. It is important for all companies regardless of what industry they are in and how many employees they have working for them, that time is spent away from the office enjoying a recreation together. Our experience has lead us to believe that keeping employees happy is one of the keys to keeping them loyal and our art-based events have put a smile on the face of all that has participated in them. So make sure to check out the descriptions of all the Costello indoor events listed on and pick something out that you feel will give your team a lift and make them feel appreciated.