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Around the World in 80 Challenges

"An exciting journey that takes your team across the world completing tasks of varying levels. you will need to muster all your creative and strategic skills as time is against you. Which team will complete the journey and win the challenge?"

Numbers:   10 to 500 participants
Location:   Indoors or under cover outdoors
Times:   2 hours to half day


Time management, strategy and problem solving.

Inspired by the story of Phileas Fogg’s adventure, ‘Around the World in 80 Challenges’ is an exciting journey across the globe, featuring 80 challenges representing different countries around the World.

With no rules and time against you, this enjoyable shared experience requires teams to race through 80 completely ludicrous activities, collecting air miles for their successes. The team with the most air miles at the end of the event will be crowned the winners!

With a large variety of tasks at varying levels this event offers a little something for everyone and encourages teams to work together, plan their time and skills wisely while acting quickly. Bon voyage! 

The event starts with each team receiving a team pack that includes details of the 80 challenges. As there are no rules to this event, teams need to manage their skills, time and decide how to tackle each challenge (whether five heads are better than one?). The day finishes with all teams coming together, where fun prizes are awarded to the winning teams.

The Objectives:

  • To demonstrate issues related to team dynamics, problem solving, time management, organisation, and leadership under time constraints
  • To demonstrate that teamwork gets better results than working alone
  • To practice priority and time management skills
  • To stimulate creative solutions

With more challenges than can be done within the time, will the team use their time and resources to the best of their advantage – of course they will… won’t they?

See examples of the challenges teams can do:

Challenges worth 10 air miles:
Build the World’s tallest building - out of straws!

Make an animal using the traditional Japanese folk art, Origami.

Challenges worth 20 air miles:
Build a plasticine model of Big Ben or try and answer the mind boggling James Bond quiz.

Guess five spices originating from India – you’ll need a good nose for this one.

Challenges worth 30 air miles:
United States of America
Teams can visit Hollywood and try to identify all the celebrity faces, go to Vegas and learn a card trick or attempt the 50 states magnetic map puzzle of the USA.

Search high and low for a five Euro note or complete the lingo quiz by saying a word in as many different European languages as you can (five heads definitely needed for that one!)

Challenges worth 40 air miles:
Paint a Russian Doll or perform the traditional ‘Kalinka’ dance.

South Africa
Show off your geographical knowledge and locate the cities of SA while others in the team make an African headdress. 

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