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Hold the Front Page

“Can you exploit your team’s creative talents and beat out the competition in order to impress the Editor and grace the front page of a prestigious news publication?!”

Hold the Front Page

Creative Team Events

Hold the Front Page is a creative experience, which encourages communication throughout the whole team. The challenge tackles important company issues with an injection of creativity and humour.

Each team represents one magazine or newspaper, all vying for the big scoop to boost their publication’s circulation. The bulk of the paper has been written, all that remains is the front page. News is scarce, deadlines and circulations have to be met – therefore each team must design the Cover before going to print!

In order to beat out the competition, teams have to be very creative, create imaginative stories, think up unpredictable angles and mastermind attention-grabbing headlines to win over the editor.


Team Building Event

Team Focus

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
Numbers: 30 - 100 participants
Location: Indoors or under cover outdoors
Times: 1 - 2  hours

The Objectives:

  • To improve decision making in a large group
  • To understanding the importance of creativity at work
  • To promote team discussion, brainstorming and negotiation
  • To address company issues in a fun environment


Finally, each team presents their artworks to the editor resulting in a hilarious finale! 

Program Includes:

  • Event Manager
  • Experience instructors and/or facilitators
  • Team kits & equipment
  • £5 Million Public Liability
  • Mileage ( first 60 miles)
  • Disposable aprons and table covers
  • Art Materials
  • Display boards for final artworks to be presented