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Canapé Creations

“A culinary workshop where the whole group will learn a new skill and have fun together, creating canapés and nibbles for a perfect party.”

Wine Challenge

Culinary Team Events

Lead by our jovial expert, teams will firstly learn the techniques of tasting, learn about grape variety and practice their swirling, gurgling and spitting techniques.


Team Building Event

Team Focus

  • Learning experience
  • Innovation
  • Marketing
Numbers: 10 - 100 participants
Location: Indoors
Times: 1.5 - 2.5 hours

The Objectives:

  • Encourage creative thinking and imagination.
  • Stimulate creativity and thinking outside the box.
  • To practice sales & marketing skills.
  • Meeting deadlines and time scales.
  • To learn about wine.



How it works:

Armed with new knowledge and resources they can then move onto creating their own wine sensation. The group will be split into teams and each team will compete to win the approval of our wine merchant and take home a case of wine.

The teams will blend wines and create their own packaging design from the materials supplied. Budgets must be adhered to but our merchant wants to appeal to a market with a highly developed sense of humour.


At the end of the session each team will present its newly blended wine to the judges with hilarious results.

Programme Includes:

  • Wine expert
  • Introduction to wine and tasting
  • Experienced assistants
  • Pre event planning
  • Team wine making kits
  • All tools and equipment
  • Wine for tasting and blending
  • Case of wine for the winning team
  • £5 million public liability
  • Transport & Mileage