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Catwalk Challenge


Community Challenge

Enterprise Team Events

Community Projects are a great way to build and bond teams whilst working together for the benefit of worthy causes in the community. Not only are they great fun, they deliver much needed support to worthy causes and charitable organisations, raise awareness of wider global issues and provide teams with a really different opportunity to work togetherfor the benefit of others.


Team Building Event

The Facts

4 in 5 British employees say that their company’s demonstration of commitment to the local communities in which it operates has an impact on their pride in the company Source: 1,000 working British public, Corporate Citizenship Company/MORI

86% of UK adults believe Environment is the most important issue for companies to focus on Source: MORI's Annual CSR Study

Over half (55%) of community organisations and schools say that business support is crucial Source: Impact Assessment, Business in the Community/ MORI Community Events - the benefits


Benefits to the Business

  • Practical solutions to help meet corporate social responsibility need
  • Motivation of employees through achieving tasks of real value
  • Opportunities to develop PR
  • initiatives and enhance brand awareness through working in thelocal community
  • Powerful opportunity for team and personal development
  • Effective vehicle for developing staff skills in communication, problem solving and team work in real life situations

Benefits to the Community

  • Projects that may not otherwise be supported get completed to help local charities and other good causes
  • Exposure of further volunteering opportunities within the local community to local employees
  • Opportunity to develop positive links with the local  business community

Benefits to Employees

  • Opportunity to support and become involved in worthy causes in their own communities
  • Increased awareness of wider community and global issues
  • Unique environment to develop personal skills
  • Opportunity to work with colleagues in an informal setting away from the work place.