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Green Machine

“Teams will design and build their own environmentally friendly, zero emissions Green Machine ready to race In the Eco Rally”

Green Machine

'Go Green' Team Events

Teams are given the challenge to design and build a new green vehicle with zero omissions. The vehicle will be made from scratch from wood, plastic, cardboard, tubes and other recycled materials. A real scrap heap challenge!


Team Building Event

Team Focus

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Resourcefulness
Numbers: 15 - 150 participants
Location: Outdoors
Times: 1.5 - 3 hours

The Objectives:

  • To have a clearer understanding of environmental issues and sustainability.
  • To demonstrate issues related to team dynamics, problem solving, time management, organisation, and leadership under time constraints.
  • To encourage creativity and communication.
  • Revitalise a one team philosophy.


How it works:

Teams will need to complete various tasks to earn the materials required to build their ‘Green Machine’. Once they have earned all the materials they require the build begins, Will all teams complete there environmentally friendly vehicle in time to complete the ‘Eco Rally’.

The Result:

Each vehicle must allow for at least one person to steer and drive it around our obstacle course. Teams will be timed against the clock and they must collect and carry certain items in the process. A very energetic, upbeat and hilarious ending to the Green Machine challenge.

Programme Includes:

  • Event manager
  • Pre event planning
  • Tools and equipment
  • All recycled and art materials to create the vehicle
  • £5 Million public liability
  • Transport & Mileage