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Team Icebreakers

Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers can be an effective way of starting a training session, meeting, conference or team-building event. These interactive and Fun sessions run before the main proceedings, helping people get to know each other and buy into the purpose of the event.

Our Ice Breakers are flexible enough to complement many types of events, improving team interaction and communication every time.


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"Our client loved your new icebreakers and it fitted perfectly with their objectives and company focus - we'll be using Art Works again."

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Ice Breakers & Energisers

Our icebreakers are flexible enough to complement many types of events, improving team interaction and communication every time.

Location: Indoors
Times: 1 - 2 hours

Programme Includes:

  • Event manager/facilitator
  • All equipment required for the event
  • Team packs
  • £5 million public liability
  • Mileage




Team Focus: Experimental learning and company vision.

The whole group is split into smaller teams and each team paints a big canvas following a brief and guidance from our art tutor. They will receive a directive on what their piece of art must depict. This can be a relevant company message or perhaps an issue that needs to be explored such as diversity or communication. The final paintings are presented by the team, judged and displayed at the end. It is interesting to see how different teams interpret the same brief.

Conference Badge:

Team Focus: Creativity and getting to know your team.

The whole group creates a conference badge from the materials supplied. The badge must be a representation of them as an individual. Either they create a self-portrait or team up with a colleague and create each other’s. Company messages and key words can also be bought into the briefing and included in the badges. Materials supplied will be pens, cut out shapes, paper, card, foam sheets, magazines, ribbon, tissue paper, sequins, goggle eyes and extra goodies at the 'Face Factory'.

Candid Camera:

Team Focus: Getting to know your team and putting faces to names.

This may be the most valuable and viable event for extended meetings (e.g. conferences over several days, programmes that meet over several weeks). As team members arrive we will ask them to pose briefly for a head and shoulders photograph with an instant camera. They will also be asked to complete our fun biography sheet to include their name, values, what motivates them, colleagues names, likes and dislikes and a few other interesting questions. It takes no more that a few minutes. All the biographies are then displayed around the room or put into a binder for all to see for the rest of the meeting.

Designer T-Shirt:

Team Focus: Expression and team identity.

The challenge is for teams to come up with an imaginative and clever design that will promote themselves, their team and the company. The T-Shirt Design workshop is a great opportunity for the creative design skills of the team to come to the fore, when they create something truly unique. This is a perfect start to a team day and T-shirts can be worn with pride for the rest of the event.

Energiser Programme:

Team Focus: Energy boosting games.

This programme is a series of quick energisers that are run by one of our facilitators. They last from 15 to 30 minutes each, depending on the size of the group and how effective they are!

Energy boosting games:

  • Comic strip chaos
  • Human bingo
  • Ball challenge
  • Mumble jumble
  • Balloon juggle and sort