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“In a blaze of colour, an energy and lightening-fast reactions, our facilitator dramatically transforms your group into a cohesive and melodic group.”


Musical Team Events

Whether you have a focus group of 10 people, or an entire company of hundreds, ‘Boomwhackers’ will motivate and energise your guests.


Team Building Event

Team Focus

  • Energiser
  • Collaboration
Numbers: 10 - 500 participants
Location: Indoors or outdoors
Times: 30 mins  - 1 hour

The Objectives:

  • To warm up a team and breakdown inhibitions.
  • To provide a light-hearted opportunity for individuals to vent.
  • To demonstrate the importance of focusing on other people.
  • To energise team meetings.


How it works:

All guests have a brightly coloured tuned Boomwhacker, that when struck, produces a note. Working together towards a finale where one piece of music is performed. The group must listen, react and ensure that all the right notes colours are played together at the right time to create the music of the company.


The Boomwhacker challenge is a fast paced musical activity that breathes life into any company, motivating and transforming groups of people. Leaving teams feeling uplifted and with a great sense of achievement.

Programme Includes:

  • Event Manager
  • Experienced musicians
  • Pre event planning
  • Boomwhackers for all
  • £5 million public liability
  • Transport & Mileage