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It's a Knockout

“Hilarious to play and to watch, action-packed spectacular, ideal for entertaining company employees.”

It's a Knockout

Outdoor Team Events

Hilarious to play and to watch, our unique action-packed is spectacular on it's own and provides a colourful centrepiece at a larger festival.

It's a knockout is ideal for entertaining company employees and their families. It promotes team building and motivates staff with the emphasis on fun, variety and entertainment.

Both wet and dry games are available for our it's a knockout.


Team Building Event

Team Focus

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Competition
  • Allocating Team Roles
Numbers: 20 - 400 participants
Location: Outdoors
Times: 2 hours - Half day.

The Objectives:

  • To demonstrate the value of group effort
  • To demonstrate that teamwork gets better results than working alone
  • To encourage Leadership
  • Fun


How it works:

All games are relay based in which one or two people perform a task at a time. For example, you may have to cross an inflatable to retrieve giant jigsaw pieces. The team who completes the jigsaw first wins. In all games the whole team takes part and co-ordination and co-operation are essential. The Show lasts approximately two and a half hours and we run 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 games at a time depending on the number of teams entered. Each team will participate in each game once.

Teams should ideally be mixed and made up of between six and 10 people. The games have been designed so that all abilities can enjoy them including supporting non-physical roles and no one is forced to take part in games if they do not wish to. A towel and change of clothes is recommended, as you will get wet - it’s all part of the fun!


40 points are awarded for a win on each game with 30 for a draw and even 20 for losing. It doesn’t matter to us who wins, we are impartial and score fairly. Our aim is to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves and has a good time.

Programme includes:

  • The services of one of our experienced event directors both prior to and during your event.
  • Liaison with the chosen venue to ensure suitability
  • It’s a knockout equipment (eight games)
  • Fully trained It’ a Knockout staff
  • PA and compare
  • Professional emergency medical technician with response kit
  • Cordoned-off games arena decorated with flags and bunting
  • Registration marquee
  • Winners medals
  • Client information booklet
  • Risk assessment
  • £5m public liability insurance