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Krypton Maze

“ The sole aim of the challenge is to defeat your opponents on the challenge set before you and accrue the most victories.”

Krypton Maze

Outdoor Team Events

Welcome to the Krypton Maze. This fun team building event is made from puzzling, challenging and mind boggling activities which have similar formats to activities from The Krypton Factor and The Crystal Maze, both of which are undeniably brilliant shows with great games. The aim of the event is for you and your team to experience these great activities and to compete against your colleagues in the challenges set before you. The event has many different aspects for the teams to conquer; communication, skill, team interaction, problem solving ability and personal awareness are to name but a few.

Your group of 20 people approx will be split into 4 teams to compete on up to 12 challenges. Two teams will go head to head on each of the challenges for approximately 10/15 minutes. Once the challenge has been completed and the results ascertained teams will rotate to another game where they will face a fresh challenge.


Team Building Event

Team Focus

  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Team work
Numbers: 20 - 200 participants
Location: Outdoors
Times: 2 - 3 hours

The Objectives:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • The value of group effort
  • Create common team language
  • Encourage sharing of information



We operate nationwide and will bring the Krypton Maze event to your chosen venue or recommend a venue to suit you. Activities can take place indoors or outdoors.


By the end of the racing event we will have a winning team who will be crowned World Champions. The team will feel a lasting sense of achievement and have proved themselves by working together and by setting their sights on the ultimate target, achieving it through team work.

Programme Includes:

  • Up to 12 games/challenges
  • A PA system and presentation equipment
  • A host and trained support staff to coordinate and score the activities
  • Competitive scoring system
  • Silly hats to identify teams
  • Medals and bubbly for the winning team
  • Gazebos and bunting
  • Event structure and rotation plan for all the activities
  • £5,000,000 public liability insurance
  • Transport & Mileage