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“A collaboration exercise that brings the whole group together in one upbeat finale.”


Tactical Team Events

The main objective of the teams is to design a “contraption” that will transport a ball around a set pattern of arenas using paper rods!

Initially each team works on their own part of the Rollercoaster design and in fact will construct their own structure.

However, the main objective on this project is common to all teams and success depends on teams sharing information, knowledge, equipment and even resource and creating a completed “contraption”.

The teams will be given sufficient materials to construct their projects; these include rolled paper rods and cable ties!

This can be a complex project with large teams all brain storming differing designs and methods of transporting these balls through the arenas. However it is very engaging with individuals and teams all making a contribution.


Team Building Event

Team Focus

  • Problem Solving
  • Engineering
  • Cooperation
Numbers: 10 - 500 participants
Location: Indoors or outdoors
Times: 45 min to 2 hours

The Objectives:

  • To demonstrate issues related to team dynamics, problem solving, time management, organization, and leadership under time constraints.
  • To practice priority and time management skills.
  • To stimulate creative solutions.




Rollercoaster is very engaging with individuals and all teams making a contribution. At the end of the session all team structures will be joined together to create one continuous rollercoaster. The ball is set off at one end, and you could hear a ‘pin drop’ as the ball runs its full course – hopefully to the end. 

Program Includes:

  • Event Manager
  • Experience instructors and facilitators
  • Pre event planning
  • Team kits & equipment
  • £5 Million public liability
  • Transport & Mileage