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Surrey Corporate Team Building Events

Costello - Team Building Events Specialists

Costello Events are experts in organising and hosting team building events and activities. Based in Surrey we cover all of the UK and host and facilitate a wide variety of corporate events including games, icebreakers and leadership development programmes.

Our diverse programme includes culinary, musical, tactical and creative events as well as our Go Green environmental teambuilding activities, meaning that whatever your needs, we have a teambuilding event or activity that can help you meet it.

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Team Building Events
in Surrey

If you are looking for a Surrey based teambuilding event, then we can organise some great venues:

We'll discuss your event requirements and suggest potential Surrey based venues suitable for your needs.

Do you only host team building events and activities in Surrey?

Costello events are based in Surrey, but we organise and manage team building events at whatever destination suits you.

We can provide team building events and activities at your office, at indoor or outdoor locations you are using for an away day or conference, or we can chose a venue for you, using our expertise to select the ideal location for an event that will delight and engage your team, and deliver the team building benefits you’re looking for. Whether that’s in Surrey, Sunderland, Southend or somewhere else entirely is entirely up to you.

Wherever you hold the event you can rely on the expertise and dedication that comes from over 20 years in organising corporate team building events and activities.

Please check out all our team building events and speak to one of our fully qualified events managers for more information.

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Why choose Costello Events for Corporate Team Building?

With over 20 years expertise in organising corporate events, teambuilding activities and corporate entertainment we are the perfect choice for your team building event.

We aim to add value to every client's organisational, team and individual needs by providing outdoor or indoor team building programmes that excite and challenge businesses and employees. We focus on clients’ requirements, with targeted events that fully match corporate identity, budget and professional objectives.

Our professional, well organised and friendly staff find out what you want from your team building event and work with you to provide activities that are exciting, diverse and relevant to your business needs. Because of this, and our creative approach to team building events, our clients can be sure that we will provide the right solutions, and ensure the best results are achieved, every time they come to us.

What are the benefits of team building events?

Team building events are not just an escape from work. Although they are a break from the office, they also offer great benefits to your business, and are a great way to inspire and motivate your team.

Team building events and activities are opportunities for team members to come together to collectively solve problems and overcome challenges in environments that can be as relaxed or as competitive as you or they want them to be.

As teams work together to deal with unusual challenges and tasks, unknown skills, knowledge and interests emerge, that in turn can provide business benefits and create new opportunities for team members when they return to the office.

A team building event is the perfect way to let employees think outside of the box. The ways of working, approaches adopted to overcoming obstacles, and the solutions to intractable problems that emerge through team building can feed back into your business, providing new ideas for responding to corporate and commercial challenges.

What sort of corporate team building events do you organise?

We offer an extensive range of corporate events, teambuilding activities and corporate entertainment, designed to cater for a wide range of companies and to meet the outcomes, aims and ambitions they have for their event.

To make it easier for you to select from our diverse programme we group events under the following categories:

Creative, Tactical, Culinary, Enterprise, Musical, Go Green, Icebreakers, Meetings, Outdoors and Fun Days and Nights.

Click on the links to find out more about the events and activities offered in each area.